Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Monday


I hope everyone had a great long week-end with family and friends while keeping to the real meaning of Memorial Day.

My week-end ended up being a de-clutter time around here.  Since my  craft room is very small (pictures to follow) I have been working on reorganizing some areas to make it easy to use and find supplies. Right now nothing is where it should be. I don't think I have ever been this disorganized but it only takes me one project to totally annihilate my room to the point it looks like a hurricane came through here.

So, I will be doing a heavy duty makeover to my room this week. I will be posting a few days this week but not as much. Please don't think I ran away and deserted you all. 

I am going to document what I do and how I did it with this small area. So if you are working from a small area hopefully I will have some great ideas to help you out too.


Now that I see these and how bad it really is I am almost afraid to share them...
I know what you are thinking, " How is she going to pull this off with that mess?" LOL I am wandering the same thing. Well, now you all have seen me (craft Room) at my worst, LOL here goes nothing. Wish me luck and I hope the After is much better than the BEFORE.

FYI: Don't forget about the Blog Hop, Giveaway, and much more coming in June. Stick around and I promise this will be a fun place to visit. And please feel free to bring in your friends. If you are running a blog I would Love a little shout out. Thanks Everyone!!!

Any ideas, tips, and comments are always welcome. So let me have it!!!! You know how much I love hearing from you all.

God Bless and Have a wonderful Week.

Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Ways to get Involved - Happy Memorial Day


Picnics, Parties, and FUN, FUN, FUN!!! This is how America celebrates Memorial Day. Yes, it is the first real holiday to kick-off the summer and families get together and enjoy the time together. Living in Minnesota and I am sure in other states also, this is the weekend that many people head up north to open their cabins and get them ready for summer too. Have an awesome day with your families and friends and let them know you love them

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we can't forget about all the sales that go on this weekend. 20% off here, 40% off there. If you are a shopper this should be a good time to get some great deals. I know they are filling up my inbox like there is no tomorrow. 

But let us not forget the Veterans and Soldiers who have served us in this great country. We are so lucky to live in a FREE Country. Today is the day to honor those who gave us that right to freedom in one way or another. 

I was looking online last night to find ways to honor and support our GREAT MILITARY and the soldiers who gave their lives for this country.

As a craft group I wanted to list a few of the ways we can help our military and their amazing families that stand by them day after day.

Here are 5 Ways we can get involved

This information came from the site: http://soldiersangels.org

http://www.anysoldier.com/ -  Receive care packages for an entire unit
http://emailourmilitary.com/about.html - Email pen pals
http://www.military-space.org/ - Receive cards and letters
http://www.cypress-cares.org/ - Care packages
http://www.treatsfortroops.org/ - Care packages

Here is some information on supporting a military family. Those that bravely stand by their Soldiers

http://www.operationhomefront.net/ - Wide variety of homefront support
http://christianmilitarywives.com/ -  Christian fellowship

I was raised in Jacksonville Florida and lived near two military bases there. So I have been around the military for most of my life and it does hold a special place in my heart.

If you want to reach out and get involved there are many sites online to do that. This just happens to be the one that caught my eye and gave me a place to reach out. If there is another way that you get involved that is awesome and I would love to hear about it. Your comments are important to me.

With today being an OFFICIAL HOLIDAY I have been using it to craft and contact organizations that would love to have cards and letters sent to them. If this is something you all want to do as a group let me know. I am sure they would be so blessed. It has been a very busy day and I hope it has been for you all too.

BREAKING NEWS: I heard this on TV only seconds ago:

According to our President: "This day next year will mark the final Memorial Day with our troops in Afghanistan."  That was the greatest thing I have heard today!!!

I got this wonderful version of Uncle Sam off the Internet and was hoping it would help us remember just what they have given their life for

What have you done today to honor our Soldiers and Veterans? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you and what you have been up to today.


On another note: I am so excited about the Blog Hop that is in the works for June. Just a little peak into what I have planned: I have my designer friends working on Patriotic Items to kick off the Summer and the 4th of July when we again celebrate our Great Country. STAY TUNED.

I would Love to hear from you all and if you have friends encourage them to also follow my blog. It is small now as it is in the beginning stages. But I do have BIG IDEAS!!! I want my true blue followers to be appreciated and awarded for your loyalty

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coming Up In JUNE

Hi and thanks to those who have stopped by to visit my new blog. Please make sure you follow me to keep up on all the FUN stuff that is about to take place starting in June. Our 1st Challenge will be posted in June and it is going to be SUPER FUN!!!!

I really hope everyone's week is going good. My week has been quite fun so far I am happy to report. My daughters birthday was this week and my 4 year old grand daughter had her very first dance recital this week. I will be posting cards and pictures tomorrow.

Just out of curiosity is anyone doing any special crafting projects right now?  I would LOVE to see what you all are working on right now. I am going to set up a gallery to show of all your wonderful work but for now you can share them on our facebook page at......  www.facebook.com/groups/481783978553335  Carters Crafting Corner~~ Swap Shop. Check out the page and be sure to LIKE IT. Get some good conversations going on there. If you have a tip to share post it. If you need to know how to do something post that too.

 Any Graduations, Weddings, Or any other celebrations going on at your house right now? Let me know about them. I LOVE COMMENTS!!!

God Bless and Until Next Time.... Craft Happy
Crafty Kathy

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blog Hop and Giveaway

~~~~~~~ GOOD NEWS~~~~~~~

Starting in June I will be hosting my FIRST Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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Thanks and God Bless

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Coming Soon

If you have stopped by the blog site here please sign up to follow my blog. I am just getting started with posting but I will be doing so regularly soon. There will be a lot of fun challenges to participate in. Also ones to find out about and lots of other "FUN STUFF".

Thanks for stopping by and I will be posting again SOON
God Bless,
Crafty Kathy

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