Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coming Up In JUNE

Hi and thanks to those who have stopped by to visit my new blog. Please make sure you follow me to keep up on all the FUN stuff that is about to take place starting in June. Our 1st Challenge will be posted in June and it is going to be SUPER FUN!!!!

I really hope everyone's week is going good. My week has been quite fun so far I am happy to report. My daughters birthday was this week and my 4 year old grand daughter had her very first dance recital this week. I will be posting cards and pictures tomorrow.

Just out of curiosity is anyone doing any special crafting projects right now?  I would LOVE to see what you all are working on right now. I am going to set up a gallery to show of all your wonderful work but for now you can share them on our facebook page at......  Carters Crafting Corner~~ Swap Shop. Check out the page and be sure to LIKE IT. Get some good conversations going on there. If you have a tip to share post it. If you need to know how to do something post that too.

 Any Graduations, Weddings, Or any other celebrations going on at your house right now? Let me know about them. I LOVE COMMENTS!!!

God Bless and Until Next Time.... Craft Happy
Crafty Kathy
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