Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Monday


I hope everyone had a great long week-end with family and friends while keeping to the real meaning of Memorial Day.

My week-end ended up being a de-clutter time around here.  Since my  craft room is very small (pictures to follow) I have been working on reorganizing some areas to make it easy to use and find supplies. Right now nothing is where it should be. I don't think I have ever been this disorganized but it only takes me one project to totally annihilate my room to the point it looks like a hurricane came through here.

So, I will be doing a heavy duty makeover to my room this week. I will be posting a few days this week but not as much. Please don't think I ran away and deserted you all. 

I am going to document what I do and how I did it with this small area. So if you are working from a small area hopefully I will have some great ideas to help you out too.


Now that I see these and how bad it really is I am almost afraid to share them...
I know what you are thinking, " How is she going to pull this off with that mess?" LOL I am wandering the same thing. Well, now you all have seen me (craft Room) at my worst, LOL here goes nothing. Wish me luck and I hope the After is much better than the BEFORE.

FYI: Don't forget about the Blog Hop, Giveaway, and much more coming in June. Stick around and I promise this will be a fun place to visit. And please feel free to bring in your friends. If you are running a blog I would Love a little shout out. Thanks Everyone!!!

Any ideas, tips, and comments are always welcome. So let me have it!!!! You know how much I love hearing from you all.

God Bless and Have a wonderful Week.
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