Friday, June 7, 2013


Hi Ya'll,  I wanted to get something on here before you all thought my room attacked me and I got lost in that mess :-) Things have been quite busy around here. My granddaugter has been spending some time with her Tee-Tee, that's me!! She couldn't say grandma when she was little so I became her Tee-Tee and boy has it stuck. More people think my name is Tee-Tee instead of Kathy. She is my crafting buddy. She loves to craft with me when she is here.
This is the cute monster fan she made (with a little help) from Tee-Tee.

And here are the super cute summer butterflies she made earlier this week also with a little help from Tee-Tee.

I am still diligently working on getting things put back the way I really want them this time. Before, as I accumulated crafting stuff it was just putting stuff where I could fit it. Now it is going to be a workable area. I do have to get this done before the carpet cleaner comes on Monday. Oh yeah, that's me! I almost forgot :-) - Yep, I'm the carpet cleaner too.

BLOG HOP - June 21st - 23rd - It's OFFICIAL
Not to mention we have the BIG BLOG HOP coming up in a few weeks. Before I go any further I need to give a GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT: To my wonderful friend and partner, without her I wouldn't know what I was doing. La-Vie at she has been such a blessing to me. As I promised, here is a little more information about the Blog Hop. First of all, if you have a blog and you want to join in there are a few spots left to fill. Either comment on this post or email me if you want to get in on the FUN!  Let your blogging friends know too. The more the merrier, right??!!  Here is what I have going so far. It is going to be a Patriotic Blog Hop. The official theme is: 4th of July 2013, Red, White, and Blue. I guess that kind of says a lot about it. Whatever is made by the bloggers on the Hop will coincide with that theme, and they are welcome to make whatever they wish and you can see their creations on their blogs. I will be posting my project on Monday as a sneak peak. I am going to do a giveaway on my site and others are welcome to do the same on their blog too. So make sure you read the rules, make the rounds, leave some love, and get in on them giveaways.

Soon I will be setting up Bi-Monthly challenges. They will be based on a variety of different themes. One thing you will be hearing about soon is FAITH-BOOKING. Or actually, it will be called Project Faithbook. If you are not familiar with Faith-booking I will be talking about it in a few days.  Have any of you been involved in Faith-booking? I would love to hear your experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Also any questions or comments you might have.

I am going to be hosting another Giveaway through a Summer Blog Scavenger Hunt. Any bloggers who are interested in getting involved with this one let me know and I will get you the details. It will take place in August.

I will also be starting a Faithful Friday Challenge after the blog hop. The first topic is going to be: What is your Faith Word for this year? If you already know then you can go ahead and start that layout for your Faith Book. Or if not then be thinking of what your Faith Word is this year. I will post some faith word ideas in a few days as well. These challenges will run for a 2 week period.

Please let me know if you have anything you want to discuss or questions or anything.Comments are SUPER IMPORTANT to me!! That's how I get to know you!!!Have a Great Week-end Crafty Ones and I will be back tomorrow. Right now I am diving back into that craft room and making some progress!!! Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. Talk to me like I talk to you. I am looking forward to it.

Be Back Soon

Be Blessed,
Crafty Kathy

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