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Happy 4th of July My Friends!!!  I am hoping that every one of you has a wonderful holiday today and tonight. From cook-outs with the family, time at the lake or beach, to a night of SPECTACULAR Fireworks. This is by far one of my favorite holidays. Not only is it time with family and friends, and fabulous fireworks displays, which are my favorite. It’s also a celebration of freedom. What a wonderful thing… Freedom!!! We are so fortunate to live in a Country that enjoys freedom. All thanks to our Founding Fathers who fought for our freedom and our Heroes now who fight and uphold that Freedom. Thank you to all our OUTSTANDING MILITARY who keep us safe and Free!!!

So today I am going to the LONGEST Parade in the SMALLEST town around this area. Sounds a little backwards huh??! But it’s true. It's in a little town of 38 peoples with a parade that is an hour and a half long. I am very excited to be going. I am going with my daughter and granddaughter. Three generations spending the 4th of July together. That sounds like a true scrapbook page or Project Faith-Book page in the future.

I do have a couple of projects to share with you today. One of them is the card I made for the 1st Annual 4th of July / Red white and blue Blog Hop. I kept looking at the card and thinking something was missing. It finally hit me that it needed red behind the sentiment. And here is a look at the two of them and how much difference it made.
2013-06-21 08.10.39   
 This is the first one I posted
Here is the same card with the red behind the picture.         And here is a close-up of it.                                                                               
 You sure can tell the difference, don’t you think so? Sometimes that’s what it takes. Just to step back and look at your project can actually bring you inspiration. This isn't the first time I have done this either. If you are like me you can always see a way to make it better or prettier.

 I also put together a couple of medallions. I am sure you have either seen them or made them at some point. And chances are they have other names too. If you aren't familiar with them and would like the tutorial just let me know in the comments and I will be happy to put that together and share it with you. The little card next to them is one that I made with my granddaughter earlier today. She helped decide how to organize it and I put it together.       
 This is the picture with the medallions
 and the card                                                                                              And here is the card


Speaking of my grand-daughter, she is going to be turning 5 in a few short weeks. That clique' of “where did the time go?” certainly holds true here. I can honestly remember when she first came home. A week later she was at her first Relay for Life Event. Cruising around the track while we pushed her in the stroller. Hard to believe it has been that long. I am working on putting together a little something for her birthday. As much as I want to share it with you, I also want it to be a surprise. Or if I really mess up, then I can fix it before I tell you about it. Hmmm… smart thinking, right?!!

There is one other thing I want to mention. If you are participating in Project Faith-Book jump over to the face book page and check out the latest update. There is now an Official Sign-Up Sheet in the Notes Section. Please take a minute and leave your information in the comments under the sign-up note and I will get it added to the document. Speaking of Project Faith-Book, how is your first challenge coming along? I have already heard from one person that has hers finished. I have started on mine too, but it is taking some thinking and praying to put it together. I hope yours is coming along well. I am going to be doing a feature on how to incorporate your faith in your layout journaling. It's going to be very informative so try not to miss it. Go ahead and leave me a comment and let me know how it is going with your layout. And let me know what you are doing for the 4th of July today!! I really enjoy hearing from you and what you have to say. I hope that all of you have a terrific day. And those who are in the rain area, stay dry, and I hope it doesn't interfere with the fireworks where you're at.

Until We Meet Back Here Again,

God Bless You and Happy Independence Day
Kathy Carter
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